Tips for Sellers

Selling a home comes with its own set of items that need to be checked off  to make sure your home sells fast and for as high a price as possible. Follow these steps, and you can sell your house in the amount of time you need, for the price you want.


step 1

Find a REALTOR® that listens and understands exactly what you want and need.
Real estate is forever changing. You need an agent that knows and understands how the market changes,
and how that will apply to you. Your REALTOR® needs to be able to help you build a plan that will work in today's market.

step 2

Let your agent bring in an interior designer to help give ideas on arranging your home to make
it visually pleasing to potential buyers. The designer will also make recommendations on which items can
stay in the house, and which items should be removed for the selling process. If your are no longer living in your home
while it is being sold, make sure to speak with your agent about the benefits of staging your home.

step 3

Your agent needs to get professional pictures taken for MLS and professional flyers.
These pictures will also help in the other types of marketing.

step 4

Make your home as available for viewings as possible. The more people who are able to see your home, the faster it will sell.
Let your REALTOR® hold open houses as often as possible to make sure it is seen by many potential buyers.

If these steps are followed you should sell your house quickly and with as little stress as possible.